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Why is it so difficult to decorate a small house?


Decoration companies say that they don’t like to do small-sized houses, because the decoration costs are low and there is no profit. At the same time, it is hard for them to present good decoration results. Those in the industry know that it is a problem from the apartment type. Why is it difficult to decorate a small house?


The difference between the decoration of small houses and ordinary houses is mainly the size of the apartment, so why is it difficult to decorate small ones? In the editor's opinion, reasons include:

1. Design is difficult

The difficulty of designing a small apartment does not mean that the design is difficult, nor does it mean that the design technology is difficult. The difficulty here lies mainly the trick to reasonably arrange the furniture and household appliances required in the house into space, such as the placement of the sofa and TV set, design of wardrobe, kitchen and bathroom space. Inappropriate design will affect the overall effect and even the comfort of living.

2. Poor visual effects

Compared with large-sized houses, whose design and decoration are freer and more casual, small-sized houses are rather restrained and even depressing, and the design effect of the whole space will possibly become worse, even the top designers cannot save it, as it is often said that 'you cannot make something out of nothing'.

3. Decoration is not profitable

The decoration quotation of small-sized houses is very low, and the owners of small-sized houses do not have big budget, so the decoration is really deducted even more to save money, and the owners want something good and quality. Who doesn't want to make money in the business of decoration, so decoration companies don't like to do small house decoration.

There are still quite a lot of small-sized houses, and most of the people who buy them aim for investment, either for renting or selling again. In this case, they are not willing to spend much money in decoration, so it is another reason why it is difficult to decorate small-sized houses.

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