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Why did the tatami fall off the altar of home decoration suddenly and became out of fashion?


When it comes to tatami, I believe most people will say that it is not bad, as it can be used for sleeping, eating, drinking tea, chatting and more.

Moreover, under the pressure of current high housing prices, people are more likely to choose small houses, and at this time, the interior will be expensive. Once the tatami is chosen during the decoration, the small space can be better used, and a multi-functional space that integrates living, storage and entertainment can be a reality, and even 1 square foot is not wasted.

However, when making tatami mats, people often only pay attention to good appearances, not practicability and climate impact, which finally brings a lot of troubles, such as dampness and inconvenience to use, and some people even dismantle the tatami mats directly, which is a waste of at least a few thousand dollars.

If you want to choose tatami mats when decorating, and have studied all aspects of tatami mats, then you need to read the following article carefully, because it is of great reference value, and can save you a lot of trouble, time and money.

Why tatami used to be so popular?

Now the decoration follows the principle of "small but refined", so that not only can the desired home space be installed, but also every inch of the home can be fully multi-functional.

In addition, under the influence of fashion, people prefer a simple life. Therefore, tatami, which saves space and features a variety of styles, has become the "new favorite" in decoration.


It can be said that tatami used to be "top hit". Back then, no matter the size of the apartment or the small house, everyone would find a way to try tatami, so there were tatami bedrooms, tatami balconies, tatami study rooms and etc.

So, what are the benefits of tatami? I believe everyone is very concerned about this, and because of this, tatami was once very hot.

1. Make the layout of the house more reasonable

Tatami can combine multiple functions and meet most families’ storage needs.

Especially for small units with the limited bedroom space, it can offer a variety of functions, ensure the practicability of home life, and make the layout more reasonable.

It can be said that through the design of tatami, the layout of the apartment can not only satisfy the storage and decoration of the wall, but also ensure practicality and aesthetics.

2. Increased storage space

For small units, the lack of storage space is very obvious.

Through the design of tatami, the small bedroom can have more storage space for storing winter clothes and quilts.

In addition, it ensures the storage of clothes, so as to increase the function of multiple storage spaces.

3. Can create a variety of spatial functions

Each house is different, and there are some that originally seem to best use of the space.

At this time, through the design, a tatami can bring more reception areas, tea tasting areas, children's entertainment areas, etc.  at home, where you can usually drink tea and chat and enjoy a comfortable life.

Why did the tatami suddenly  become "out of fashion"?

Any product that has gone from very popular to falling from the altar has a problem, that is, it has brought a lot of troubles, and the shortcomings are becoming more and more obvious.

To put it simply, everyone has realized that its practicality is so-so, and it is not worth spending thousands of dollars to do it, and people do not want to cause more troubles to life because of it.

1. Vulnerable to moisture

Because tatami is placed directly against the ground, in the rainy season of each year, the inside of tatami is prone to dampness and mildew due to the insufficient room ventilation.

The most obvious is that the bed boxes under the tatami are basically wooden, and they are in direct contact with the ground, so it is common for the boxes to get damp and moldy. Even more seriously, there are "water droplets" on the wooden boards at the bottom of the bed, with all the wooden boards moldy and blackened, and the mattress damp, which seriously affects daily life.

For this reason, it also has a certain health impact, because sleeping on a moldy tatami will make the body damp and rather uncomfortable. In addition, the clothes get damp and not suitable to wear.

2. High cost

Whether the tatami is made on-site or customized, the cost is not low.

Usually for one for a sub-bedroom, it will basically cost between $4000-12000, and it can be said that it is really not cheap.

If you select the one with more functions of high-quality, it is normal for the entire cost to exceed $20,000.

3. Inconvenient to take items

The advantage of tatami is that it can increase more storage space, and at the same time, the shortcomings of this advantage are also very obvious.

Because when using the flip-up tatami every day, the mattress and quilt on top have to be taken off first, which is very troublesome and complicated to use.

In addition, if you want to fetch clothes in the closet against the wall, you also have to remove the quilt on the tatami floor, otherwise the cabinet door will not be able to opened due to the quilt, which is surely kind of anti-human design.

4. Some functions are rarely used

Many people choose tatami mainly because of its versatility, as it can be designed as a tea break place for relaxation. You can also install a lifting platform in the middle of the tatami, which looks convenient, giving people a good feeling.

However, this is just the ideal. After installing the lift table, most people use it less than three times each year, because it is very troublesome to use each time, making it almost unnecessary.

5. Environmental protection is not that good

Whether it is custom-made tatami or on-site production, a large number of plates need to be used, which undoubtedly increases the amount of formaldehyde released indoors to increase indoor air pollution.

Especially when using inferior boards, because the tatami is fixed on the ground and wall, the ventilation effect is poor, and the natural odor is also poor, resulting in poor indoor environment.

Many people's tatami has been used for several years, and still has a distinct smell, so they have to be removed and be replaced with a traditional bed, which is for better air and health.

6. Poor flexibility

Everyone knows that tatami has poor flexibility, because it is tailor-made. After the layout is set, it is very difficult to make changes later.

After having installed tatami, a lot of people feel regretful after moving in there for half a year. They want to disassemble the tatami and reinstall something else, but this is not an easy task. The tatami cannot be moved as it is very troublesome to dismantle.

Finally, the editor summarizes the following for you:

The tatami is suddenly not popular. In fact, everyone wants to return to the true nature of life. They can't just ask for good-looking, and they want the practicality first. It can also be said that at present, it is difficult to combine the two with tatami, and that is why it is not popular any more.

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