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Which furniture and appliances should be selected before decoration?


The living habits, family member preferences, family composition, house functional space and so on from different families will result in different types of furniture and home appliances. The following are some types of furniture and home appliances that I think, should be selected before decoration in different functional areas in a common family. 

1. Living room

For the furniture and appliances to be selected in the living room before the decoration I think that they include sofa, TV cabinet and air conditioner. The reasons are briefly as follows:

Sofa: Make sure the trend of home decoration style. As the sofa sets or the main sofa of the Main Furniture in the living room in the Main Space of the family, I think its style determines the trend of the home decoration to a certain extent. To save the trouble of having to decide on the sofa style if it does not match home decoration after decoration, the safest way is to choose your favorite sofa before decoration. When the shape of the sofa background wall divides an exclusive area on the wall for sofa, such as the shape that is wider in the middle and narrower on both sides, the size of the area should be able to match the size of the sofa, otherwise the final effect will be of incongruity.


TV cabinet: The main reason for choosing a TV cabinet before decoration is to match it to the shape and size of the TV wall.

Air conditioner: Sometimes for a small living room, you can install the floor mounted air conditioner or ductless mini-split when you choose to install the air conditioner, but choosing the floor mounted air conditioner or ductless mini-split has different requirements for the installation height of the air conditioner socket and the layout of the living room.

The height of the floor mounted AC socket is generally about 19.7in(50cm), and the socket will be blocked by some furniture, beautiful and easy to operate; the height of the ductless mini-split socket is generally about 78.7in(200cm), because the it is the convenient installation for the ductless mini-split AC on the wall; the floor mounted AC needs to occupy some floor space , so when planning the space layout of the living room, you need to reserve a suitable area, but there is no similar trouble with the mini-split AC.

2. Dining room

The area of the dining room is supposed to be sufficient, and I want to set up a furniture-type dining table in the dining room (With different forms of the dining tables, there are furniture type, bar type, and folding variant that is connected to the cabinet), I think it is necessary to select a combination of dining tables and chairs before decoration, because dining tables and chairs are the main furniture here, and their combination shape and size are directly related to other functions in the dining room. The setting will even affect the roof, ground and even wall shapes.

3. Bedroom

I guess the furniture to be selected for the bedroom before the renovation includes bed or bed plus bedside table, the reasons are briefly described below:

Bed body: As the house furniture that occupies the largest floor area in the bedroom, the bed's size determines the layout of the bedroom to a certain extent, and it is also a reference for the distance between the switches and sockets on both sides of the bed.

Bedside table: The bedside table can be used as a reference for the height of the switch and socket, which can effectively avoid the situation that the switch or socket is blocked by the bedside table or the switch and socket are too high to reach.


4. Kitchen

The electrical appliances to be selected in the kitchen before the renovation include steamer, oven, refrigerator, independent dishwasher and other electrical appliances, as well as the stove, sink, and range hood. The reasons are as follows:

Steamer, oven, refrigerator, independent dishwasher and other electrical appliances: You'd better decide on them before decoration, to prepare for the customization of the cabinet, reserve a suitable location, and reserve a suitable socket location. 

Stove: To install the cooktop with openings on the countertop, it is necessary to strictly follow the size of the cooktop.

Washbasin: The drillings of the cabinet countertops need to refer to its size, and a power socket for the sink dishwasher also needs to be reserved during the hydropower construction.

Range hood: When it is a wall cabinet installed, there will be different size requirements of the corresponding wall cabinet between a top suction range hood and the side suction one.

5. Bathroom

I think for bathroom the shower, bathtub and washstand should be selected before renovation. The reasons are:

Shower head: Some parts of the shower head need to be pre-buried, which requires a certain width, height and depth of grooves reserved for use at suitable positions on the wall during the construction. After the installation is completed, select the type of shower matching it. As it cannot be installed without the reserved position, the shower should be selected before the decoration to avoid such situations.

Bathtub: Before choosing a bathtub for decoration, in addition to reserving the corresponding position according to the specific size, the position of the drain outlet and the height of the water supply for different bathtubs will be different, and the massage bathtub also needs to be equipped with a power supply. All of these all need to be accurately completed at the water and electricity construction stage, otherwise it will be difficult to change after the waterway and circuit are buried.

Washstand: When you need to install a mirror headlight, I think it is necessary to select a washstand before decoration, because the installation position of the mirror headlight (such as height, distance between two lamps, etc.) depends on the size of the mirror and it is good for a better lighting as well as a more coordinated layout between the mirror and the lamps.

6. Other

Washing machine: If you want to customize the finished product or make the washing machine cabinet on site to accommodate the washing machine, I think that the washing machine should be selected before the decoration, which not only fits but also saves space to a great deal.

Desk: To set up a desk, you need to reserve a power supply. Although the height of the desk is almost the same, whether the desk comes a bookcase or whether it is of corner type will also affect the location of the socket.


The above are my suggestions on which furniture and household appliances should be selected before decoration. I think these furniture, household appliances and sanitary ware can be selected before communicating with the designer, and then we can inform the designer of our choice in communicating with them. The first is that the decoration style and space layout designed by the designer are more in line with their own preferences and living habits, and can better match their favorite objects; second, if the styles of the selected products do not match or the size cannot be used, the designer can correct the problem in time to avoid further issues after purchase; of course, if you do not want to choose these before decoration, you can only adjust your purchase list after the decoration. I hope the article can be of some help, thank you!

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