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What is the difference between a suspended and a non-suspended ceiling?


Some construction masters from many decoration companies always say that the decoration of new houses should not choose a suspended ceiling and whoever go for it will regret later. Whether it is the construction experience of the decoration workers, there is still no explanation. This makes most owners quite at loss in the decoration as to if they should choose a suspended ceiling.

The difference between a suspended ceiling and a non-suspended one is very large. Although it is a way to improve the interior decoration and living room furniture, the effect and feeling of a suspended ceiling and a non-suspended ceiling can be seen at a glance. The main differences are:

1. Height feeling

The height of the house with the suspended ceiling will be reduced. Generally, the height for the suspended ceiling is 40-60cm. Therefore, in order to prevent the space from being too empty, the suspended ceiling can be selected for the house with a higher floor height; for the house with a lower floor height, the suspended type is not recommended.


2. Spatial vision

In terms of spatial vision, the overall space of a house with a suspended ceiling will be more upscale, not as simple and casual as without a suspended ceiling, and the whole space has a more sense of design, so most people or high-end occasions will have suspended ceilings, but for ordinary houses, it depends on the individual preference.

3. Decoration grade

The decoration grade of suspended ceilings is generally much higher than that without ceilings. For European-style decoration ceilings, modern decoration ceilings, and industrial-style ceilings, these are relatively successful choices.

4. Decoration cost

In terms of decoration costs, the cost of a house with a suspended ceiling is definitely more expensive. For example, the ordinary decoration cost of European decoration style which is more popular earlier, is usually more than 80,000 dollars, and it is 60,000 US dollars more than the current industrial style, which is much more expensive than ordinary decoration.

In terms of the difference between a suspended ceiling and a non-suspended ceiling, we do not recommend suspended ceilings. It is difficult to guarantee the quality, not to mention the cost. It is better to buy a suite with the money for decoration and wait for the market to get better. From a professional point of view, the effect of the suspended ceiling is not quite large, and it is easy to accumulate dust, inconvenient to clean, and it is even a waste of money. In general, the suspended ceiling is a gaudy project, and the owner who wants to decorate the ceiling need to make his/her own decision.

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