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What is the best way to remove formaldehyde in new house decoration?


Under normal circumstances, a decoration company is only responsible for house decoration. Whether there is peculiar smell or irritating smell after decoration is over has little to do with the company. Although the decoration company has promised environmental protection decoration before construction, the so-called environmental protection decoration is relative, and the formaldehyde content is relatively low but not zero. Then owner himself or herself is the one left to deal with the problem in the end, so what is the best way to remove formaldehyde for a new house decoration?


Conventional methods of removing formaldehyde are mainly physical and chemical choices, most of which are physical formaldehyde removal methods, and they are not only economical and practical, but also can fundamentally solve the formaldehyde problems. Compared with chemical formaldehyde removal, more people are choosing the physical removal methods.

Among the physical formaldehyde removal methods, the following options are mainly effective:

1. Door and window ventilation

Ventilation of doors and windows is a necessary common sense after new house decoration. Ventilation is to better for the indoor air circulation, to speed up and promote the smell emitted by various new furniture. The larger the air intake, the better the emission effect will be.

2. Planting green plants

The cultivation of green plants has two functions, one is to detect whether the indoor air toxic substances, and the other is to absorb and release the clean air, so as to achieve the effect of cleaning the air.

3. Air humidification

Air humidification is to increase the amount of indoor moisture evaporation, and the water vapor will take away some harmful gases, so as to effectively purify the air. In new house decoration you can try to use air humidification.

4. Increase lighting

There are many gases that can be decomposed by light. Appropriately increasing the light indoors can decompose these harmful gases that are easily decomposed. Generally, the longer the illumination time lasts, the better the volatilization effect, but the light here cannot be directly irradiated.

Among the above methods of removing formaldehyde in new house decoration, it is strongly recommended to open windows for ventilation for the removal of formaldehyde. This method not only costs not 1 cent, but also only needs the windows open for a long time, which is not affected by weather, worker management, and tool assistance. The best way to get rid of formaldehyde is to open windows for ventilation.


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