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Top 10 space-saving furniture for small spaces


With the housing prices getting more and more expensive, so small pieces of furniture have become the first choice for many young people, and the lack of space is a real pain for many small rooms.

In the house, the item that takes up the most space is the furniture. If some furniture can be used for multiple purposes and stored, can it save a lot of space? Let us see through the top 10 of furniture that the storage masters choose!

1. Mirror that can hang clothes


Entrance mirror for hanging clothes. The bracket behind the mirror can temporarily hang a few pieces of clothes. With it you can take off the coat and bag after going out, and hang it any time to solve the small storage problem when entering the room.

2. High and low coffee table


The size of the high and low coffee tables can be stacked up and down. Usually, they can be stacked to save space. When there are many guests, they can be separated into two coffee tables. The style and color are simple and consistent, practical and convenient.

3. Foldable dining table

The folding dining table is an artifact of a small apartment. It can be opened during family gatherings for multiple people dining together. When not in use, the curved table boards on both sides can be folded for daily use without taking up much area.

4. Hidden set of table and chairs


The light wooden long table can be used as a coffee table, a side table or a temporary small desk. There is one table and two stools. The small wooden stool hidden under the table can be completely hidden and does not occupy extra space.

5. Benches with storage function


With the double benches or benches in the form of boxes, the space under the them can be used to store storage, cushions in winter, tablecloths that need to be replaced at the dining table or books that are not commonly used, where all can be placed.

6. Extendable dining table

It can be stretched and retracted, and the dining table can also be retracted freely. The table in the middle part of this dining table can be folded and hidden with the legs on the base, and then the sides of the table can be pushed into the middle to transform the table into smaller size in minutes.

7. Storage sofa


The seemingly ordinary sofa is actually with hidden function. The mystery lies in the fact that the box of the sofa can be opened, and the super large space inside can be used to store bags, bed sheets, blankets and other items. After the box is covered, it becomes a perfect sofa with simple design, comfortable and generous.

8. Stair Shelf


The bathroom is too small to accommodate furniture? A trapezoidal stair shelf can help you solve the storage problem. The back of the shelf has the function of hooks, which can store towels and bath towels. The seat and the space below can be used to store bathroom supplies. A waterproof woven basket can be used to store changed clothes, to make the storage in the bathroom quite easy.

9. Multi-level shelves


Narrow-sized multi-layer shelves, suitable for small corners, cannot hold a lot of items, but also makes full use of the space, whether it is placed on the balcony, bathroom or kitchen, it is always good choice.

10. Box Chairs


A cute box-style storage chair that can store children's toys and other small items, and is designed with ventilation holes to provide more convenience for storage.


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