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The right way to enjoy your coffee



The mellow and fragrant coffee represents not only Western-style romance and passion, but also encourages an exploration for healthy life. The black exotic drink contains the power to make people refreshed and energetic, and following the correct drinking guide a better effect will be achieved.

Today, I would like to share with you how to properly drink a cup of mellow coffee in the hot summer.

Drink after meal

Drinking a cup of strong black coffee (without sugar or milk) 30 minutes after a meal will help digestion, because after the caffeine from coffee is absorbed in the human body, the body secretes adrenaline to promote the decomposition of fat cells in the blood, which will be expelled from the body as fatty acid. Therefore, a cup of black coffee without sugar milk is very good for digestion and burning fat, but if take in too much caffeine, you will inevitably suffer from insomnia and hyperexcitability!

And even if you like coffee, you can't drink too much. No more than 4 cups a day is a safe amount, especially when you are fasting.


Reconcile your favorite coffee flavor

The blends we drink generally also use Brazilian or Colombian coffee beans as the base beans, and then add other varieties of coffee beans in different proportions and different roasting degrees.

If you want something better, find a coffee mix that suits your own taste. For example, lightly roasted Santos coffee can be added to the rounded taste, and dark roasted Mandheling coffee can be added for the rich taste. So, order your coffee to your preference!

The temperature at which the coffee beans are roasted also affects the caffeine content. When the temperature exceeds 178°C, the caffeine is completely dissolved. Although the dark roast coffee is rich, the caffeine content is very low. If you care more about losing weight, it is better to choose light roasted coffee.

Hot drink is better

The best drinking temperature for coffee is 70-80°C(158-176°F). High-quality coffee will overflow with a thin layer of coffee oil during brewing. This is the source of the attractive aroma. In addition to taste, smell is also great enjoyment. After the coffee is cooled, the aroma will become lighter, and the taste will be acidified due to the instability of the coffee, and the flavor will diminish, so drink the coffee while it is hot after brewing. Its rich aroma can make people feel at ease and improve the sensitivity. After drinking hot coffee, the body feels slightly hot, because caffeine is already promoting the body to consume calories, and the slimming effect of iced coffee is not as good as that of hot drinks.


Choose black coffee, less sugar and milk

The most direct and pure black coffee, the original form is "Expresso" (in espresso coffee we instantly extract the inner essence of deep-fried coffee beans through steam pressure). Layers of fragrant coffee oil, with strong bitterness and rich aroma, when Expresso is added with milk, cream, chocolate syrup, water and other different ratios, it becomes a special variety of coffee.

For example, Americano with a lighter taste is an espresso diluted with water without much addition. It's a very good drink.

For those who are not used to drinking black coffee, milk and sugar can make the coffee smoother and offset the slightly acidic tannins. But make sure to have a small amount, especially sugar, because sugar can hinder fat breakdown.

It is worth noting that although cappuccino and French coffee are added with sugar and milk, it does not affect the effect of caffeine. As for the caffeine-rich Americano, there is no problem.

If you want to lose weight and keep fit, don't drink coffee as an afternoon drink, enjoy it with cakes or biscuits, and it is useless to take in high calories of food during losing weight!


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