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How to turn the dismantled bed into useful home furniture?


How do you deal with the old beds at home? To be honest, it doesn’t cost much to sell it, and it’s really a trouble to have it at home. In the end, after thinking about it, I decided to split the bed board, and rebuilt it into a new wardrobe after the combination and splicing. 


It may look rough, but there is no problem of it in bearing something heavy. The transformation steps are very simple:

① Use a hammer to pry open the connected nails;

② Remove the legs of the bed, use them if possible, and keep the headboard and bed board;

③ Clean up the wooden slats, wash it and then dry it;

④ If you think that the original color of the bed board is a little old fashioned, you can repaint it with your favorite color, such as white, blue, etc.

⑤ According to the designed wardrobe layout, just nail the bed board together, and remember to add hanging rods in the clothes area;

⑥ Remember that the legs and feet at the bottom of the wardrobe should be flat to avoid the  that the clothes are too heavy to stagger.

After the completion, move it in the bedroom. There are clothes hanging and clothes folding section and with open design, there is also a gap between the wood board and the bed itself, which is conducive to the ventilation and clothes stored here, so as not to accumulate moisture and mildew.

For those who want something better, they even installed cabinet doors. How good is the craftsmanship!

Of course, in addition to the wardrobe, the following methods can also be used for reference:

Sofa chair

The backrest and seat cushion should not be left behind. The hinges are connected to the corners, and the sofa cushions are placed in the living room. Then a comfortable sofa is completed. Except for the not so good appearance, there is nothing wrong with it.


If you want it to be moved flexibly, you can add pulleys below, so when you need to move it away for cleaning, it will be easy to not scratch the floor, a great design that kills two birds with one stone.

Entrance Cabinet

Part of it is nailed to the wall to hang bags, scarves and other items, while the bottom is combined into an L shape, and here is a card seat for sitting and changing shoes. If there is a shortage of shoes and stools, why don't you try this idea?


Don't rush to buy a desk for the study, check if there are any remaining bed boards at home, nail it and lay a glass board, and you will get it right away! If you want a better touch, you can sand down and apply a layer of varnish, which will be much smoother for the touch.


Save money on furniture with theses creative ideas! With a bed board dismantled and re-built, there can be a new wardrobe or other pieces of home furniture. Though not sure if you have an urge to try your own bed board after reading, it's better to take action later, even if the rebuilt piece is ugly, it's still some kind of DIY exercise.


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