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How to get storage in a small bathroom? Try these places


In the bathroom, there are actually many places that can be used for storage, while for a small apartment, the space of the bathroom is definitely smaller, but the improving methods are the same. When there is no place to store your favorite stuff, the day is definitely not great, so some places suitable for storage need to be used even more, and can not be ignored!


When it comes to the bathroom storage, the first recommendation is the sink, because most of the things we use every day can be placed there, whether it is a mirror cabinet or a shelf, it can enhance the storage space of the sink.


Like some relatively smaller things, you can use magnets or hooks and put them on the wall around the sink, so that we can take them at any time when we need them.


When it comes to the periphery of the washbasin, the space under the washbasin cannot be wasted. If it is a cabinet, then a shelf can be added to the cabinet door to store things.


If there is no cabinet, then just skip the sewer pipe, and put items in the surrounding position, and use the hanging rod or shelf to store all kinds of things that need to be stored.


Another storage spot in the bathroom is around the toilet. You can buy a shelf specially suitable for the toilet, which give you many storage compartments and partition shelves.


In a relatively small bathroom, where the toilet and sink are joined together, you can choose to directly install the shelf and partition rack above the toilet. This place is basically a dead corner, which is just right for storing things.

The other is the storage design in the shower area. If you make a bathtub, you need to design the storage on the wall, such as a few partition racks to hold bath supplies.


Or dig a niche in the shower area, use the corner position to install a shelf, and try to use some places that are not easy to reach for storage.


The last thing I would like to mention is the back of the door. Although many people don't like to put things behind the door, this place is definitely a good choice for storage.


Even just hanging a few towels can help us save some more space, not to mention installing a shelf that is attached to the door, which can accommodate a lot of things and not waste space.

After reading the storage design tips for small bathrooms, do you find that many places at home are not fully used? Our daily washing, makeup and bathing are inseparable from the bathroom, and is it not a good choice to get more storage from design to make life easier and more comfortable?

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