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How to expand the storage of small apartment room?


Storage for small apartment will always be a difficult issue. 

In order to solve it, most small apartment owners are trying their best to increase the storage space. The most common idea is to find space on the wall. Make cabinets, dig niches, hang pegboards, install shelves... Try out with all of tricks.

In fact, there is another option that is especially suitable for small apartments, which is to make hanging cabinets. Different from ordinary ones, wall cabinets are generally installed near the roof and do not occupy the activity space, which not only increases storage, but also reduces the sense of space congestion a great deal, and there are no hard to clean corners, which can be regarded as a "storage miraclet" for small apartments.


1. Kitchen wall cabinet:  as the standard storage space

The most common wall cabinets should be in the kitchen. The standard configuration of cabinets is the combination of base cabinets and wall cabinets.

Probably because the kitchen is the place with the most stuff, the most miscellaneous things, and where storage is most needed, the wall cabinets are the most common. They are usually used to store some infrequently used pots and pans, dry food ingredients and kitchen cleaning supplies.


Kitchen wall cabinets have a standard size and height recommendation. According to the height of housewife, the height of the base cabinet is generally about 80-85cm, and the height of the wall cabinet itself is 65-78cm, so the calculated distance between the countertop and the wall cabinet is 50-60cm. However, the most practical way is to let the person in charge of cooking in the family try it on the spot, otherwise it will either be too low to bump the head, or too high to get things, which is rather inconvenience.

2. Living room hanging cabinet: It can be stored and used as a table

There are basically two ways to make hanging cabinets in the living room. One is a combination of upper and lower cabinets similar to those in the kitchen, with a TV background wall in the middle and a hanging cabinet on the top, which can store some rarely used items such as seasonal clothes and quilts, reducing the storage pressure in the bedroom.

Another way is to get it in the middle or under the background wall of the living room, which can not only be used to store things, but also as a table to place small objects and decorative paintings.


For example, this combined double-layer hanging cabinet can not only solve most of the storage needs, but also hold decorative paintings for embellishment to enrich the layering of the overall space, especially suitable for small apartments.


Like this sofa background wall into a hanging cabinet, it can also make good use of the wall space, and go with a matched desk. Appropriately left blank, the visual will also be much more comfortable.


3. Desk wall cabinet: a good companion for reading and homework

Families with children know that if the study is not an integrated bookcase plus desk, then it is really necessary to make a hanging cabinet aove the desk.

Don't underestimate the child's school supplies, textbooks, extracurricular books, homework books, stationery, auxiliary tools, and the child's private collection. If each cabinet is piled on the desk, it will not be probably in a mess, and not conducive to the upbringing of children's good habits.


Making a hanging cabinet on the desk can not only let the child learn to store things in categories and in an orderly way since childhood, but also hold an ornament or green plant, etc., creating a more comfortable learning atmosphere for the child.

However, the wall cabinet of the desk is different from the wall cabinet in kitchen. It should not be too wide. It is good to make it half the width of the desk, and do not install the cabinet door. It is of more display effect if made open, and it will be convenient for the child to take the items when studying. 

4. Balcony hanging cabinet: centralized storage

On the living balcony of the home, the part that is attached to the ground is generally reserved for the laundry pool and washing machine. Some commonly used cleaning supplies and gadgets need to be stored in a hanging cabinet.

Although shelves and racks can also play a certain role in storage,  the first is more suitable for storing a single and a small amount of things, otherwise it will affect the appearance. While the other needs a floor space for placement, which is not as practical as a hanging cabinet.


5. Bathroom wall cabinet: daily necessities can be taken or put away

For the hanging cabinets in the bathroom we generally recommend to choose mirror cabinets, or make a set of cabinets above the toilet, which are mainly used to store daily necessities and toiletries.


As that the area of the bathroom is relatively small, the depth of the hanging cabinet is generally not more than 20cm, otherwise it will affect the lighting and sense of space, making it appear cramped.

6. Bar counter cabinet: both for storage and display

 Now many families choose the popular design of open kitchen + island or bar. If this is the case, you can make a hanging cabinet above the bar to store cups and trinkets, etc, which not only serves as space partition, but also provide storage and decoration functions.

However, considering that there are no walls around, attention should be paid to fixing and load-bearing in making hanging cabinets.


7. Entrance wall cabinet: integrated wall cabinet design

The entryway can be designed with an integrated wall cabinet.

Shoes for different seasons are placed on the top, and the peg board can be used to hang clothes or bags in the middle. The shoe stool or shoe cabinet can be placed below to store the shoes or slippers that need to be replaced every day, which is convenient for use.


8. Door hanging cabinet: can only be a backup

For a house without a ceiling, you can also make somethong out from the top, for example, above the door, you can also install set of hanging cabinets.


Of course, to tell the truth, this hanging cabinet is a little useless, because it is is too high, and very inconvenient to access it anytime. You can only put spare quilts or other collections , and use it as a storage "spare tire".


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