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How to ensure the safety of electricity in new house decoration?


When we design and decorate a new house, warmth and comfort are what we pursue, but there is another key point that cannot be ignored, and that is safety. How can we ensure the safety of electricity and home lights when living? In addition to the selection of wires that meet the regulations, the selection of switches and sockets is also critical. And how to choose the right ones? Today we will give you a summary of some selection strategies for socket switches.


1. Appearance

The appearance of the socket switch should conform to your decorative style as much as possible. In addition, the appearance of the socket itself is supposed to be no scratches, of balanced color, no stains, good luster and has delicate touch, which means a better quality; while with some inferior switch sockets, the appearance is relatively rough, and the material is relatively poor, so there is no guarantee of the safety.

2. Quality

Generally speaking, switch sockets with better quality are heavier in weight and more abundant in materials. The materials are mainly composed of plastic and copper, which should be of high quality; but what about the poorer ones? Their materials will be subpar a bit, with less material and the poorer quality.

3. Material

When buying a switch socket, try to toggle the switch. If the switching is crisp and powerful, and the spring is hard, the switch will be better. On the contrary, if the switching and spring are soft, it is not as good.

Good switch panel materials are made of very good PC materials, which have very good performance in all aspects, as well as good insulation and flame retardancy, and the material is relatively stable, and will not fade after a long time. The switch panel made of this can effectively improve safety and reduce the occurrence of accidents.

So, what kind of conductive material is used for the internal of the switch panel? Generally speaking, most of the interiors are made of copper. For example, the interior of the socket is made of phosphor bronze, while the interior of the switch is made of red copper. Its working performance is superior, and the heat dissipation and electrical conductivity will both be excellent.

The contact material is also a detail that needs your attention. The better quality contacts are made of silver alloy, which not only offers good electrical conductivity, but also can effectively prevent the oxidation caused by the arc generated when the switch is switched on or off.


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