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How to design the wall behind couch?


Many people begin to learn how to improve the style with the TV background wall when decorating, and often ignore the sofa background. If it can be solved by simply hanging up a picture, you are taking it too simple. Today, the editor will share some small-sized background walls for sofas. In decoration, you need to know that a sofa background wall full of artistic or practical functions will really make the home beautiful.


In fact, the sofa background wall of this small apartment has many functions. In addition to leisure and entertainment, it is also the entrance. The designer used gray-blue siding to increase the sense of connectivity and sophistication of the wall, along with decorative bronze mirrors as a soft division of the space, so as to define a clear sofa area, while the flexible combination of small paintings achieves the gathering effect in decoration.


Next to the sofa in this small apartment is the piano area. The designer adopts a half-wall design, which has a similar effect to the wall panel. A coffee table and green plants are placed between the piano and the sofa, which makes the division like a natural transition.


The dividers are quite versatile and hold books, decorative paintings and trinkets. Even if it is only used to store books, a colorful arrangement of book spines can be quite unique in decoration.


Leaving the dining room or kitchen behind the sofa is relatively easy for villas or lofts. There is enough spacious space, and the guest and dining rooms are connected to reduce unnecessary partitions. Choosing white and black as the key colors, the area is visually divided, which are interconnected but not cluttered. The whole place is large withe more space out of design.


The small-sized loft's guest-dining room is designed in one area. The deck dining room and the storage cabinet under the stairs are combined together, extending the deck to the back of the sofa. The open bookshelf is also more convenient for the family to eat, watch TV, and rest. Grab a book and read at ease.


In such a small living room, a bar is used as a partition between the living room and the dining room. There is only one lighting in the guest dining room, so the open layout is more suitable.


The TV background wall in the living room is designed with wood veneer panels, and the sofa background wall is paved with a creative wallpaper, which makes the whole living room more interesting.


The TV background wall of the small living room has a prominent cultural design of bricks. Behind the sofa in the living room is the study space. A half wall of cultural bricks with black framed glass is used as a partition, which is also the background wall for the sofa, allowing the light to flow in.


The sofa background wall is designed with cultural bricks and latex paint, which makes the living room more artistic and creative, and the Nordic style soft decoration is more beautiful.


The background wall of the sofa in the picture is paved with red cultural bricks, which is very retro, and the decorative paintings on the back of the sofa make the whole room filled with a literary atmosphere, giving people bright feelings.


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