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How to choose lamps for new house decoration?


In addition to lighting, the role of lamps and lanterns has another obvious feature and that is decorative embellishment, and the shaping of atmosphere is inseparable from lighting. So how to choose lamps and lanterns in new house decoration? Different areas will be divided into parts in the decoration of a new house. The functions of different areas are different, and the choice of lamps will also be different. Let's talk about how to choose lamps for the new house.


1. Dining room

The lighting requirements of the dining area often require a horizontal downward light illuminance, and the position design of the lamps should be placed directly above the dining table.

The lamps will accumulate dust for a long time. Therefore, in the selection of lamps and lanterns you should also pay attention to cleaning. We recommend glass or metal material for the lampshade, which will more convenient to clean.

2. Kitchen and bathroom

Spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms generally have a lot of water vapor, and the selection of lamps and lanterns is mainly based on moisture-proof and stainless lamps, and they are generally embedded in the ceiling.

The location of the installation should also be considered. For areas like the kitchen, the location where the lamps are installed should be away from oil fumes, and glass and enamel lampshades should be used at the same time, which is more convenient for cleaning.

In the bathroom, first of all, the characteristics of lamps and lanterns should be brighter and softer. Since the bathroom generally has relatively large water vapor, in addition, the lamps should also have the function of moisture-proof, and at the same time, they should not be rusted, so you need to be careful with the material.

3. Living room

For the lighting design of the living room area, owners need to consider the floor height. If the floor height is generally low, it is recommended to use floor lamps or ceiling lamps, while chandeliers are not recommended. If the floor is higher, you can use chandeliers, and it will not look out of harmony, and the choice of lamps and lanterns should focus the color and shape, which should be coordinated with the other furniture in the living room.

4. Bedroom

As a resting place, the bedroom is naturally warm and comfortable. The design of lamps and lanterns must first be convenient. It is recommended to select several matching lamps, such as bedside lamps, ceiling lamps, table lamps. For the wall lamp and lampshade, we can choose the one with diffusing texture, which can soften the light and create a comfortable resting atmosphere.


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