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How to choose and design frame wardrobe to save space?


Flexible storage functions, make full use of limited space, and adjust the size according to different space sizes to customize the design, without causing pollution to the living room due to materials, which is the basic requirement of many homeowners for wardrobes, and the emergence of frame wardrobes can meet such needs quite well. Actually, they are widely used in household clothing storage in Europe, the United States and other regions.

Advantages of frame wardrobes

"Flexibility adjustment" is a major advantage of frame wardrobes. According to height, use requirements and other conditions, install suitable storage cabinets; especially for the use of corners and other tasteless spaces, it can take full advantage of the characteristics of local conditions and set up a wardrobe that meets environmental conditions. 


Compared with ordinary customized wardrobes, you can freely adjust the height, to add accessories such as shelves, table boards, cross bars and storage baskets. The combination is a three-dimensional wall wardrobe. There are different brackets according to the size of the shelves to match and very flexible to use!



The open frame makes it easy to check and take clothes, which helps to extend the vision. For the narrow bedroom, it avoids the cramped feeling caused by the closed wardrobe. All kinds of items can be stored reasonably to eliminate the problem of messy sight!


Frame wardrobes mostly use metal structures and less board materials, so the environmental protection is more stable and guaranteed than traditional all-wood wardrobes, and the possibility of excessive pollution is lower!


1. Floor-to-ceiling frame wardrobe

The floor-standing frame is a common style. Since the installation method is a combination type, as long as the accessories are complete, it can be combined and installed. It is a wardrobe that is very suitable for homeowners to DIY.

Its convenient feature of adding or adjusting accessories is very popular. It is relatively easy to add shelves, hooks, drawers and mesh baskets, giving the combined frame wardrobe a more complete function.


2. Wall Mounted Frame Wardrobe

If there is no whole wall to build a wardrobe, or the number of clothes is not too much, then you can use wall hangers to solve it; one is to make full use of the vertical wall, and the other is to be convenient and flexible to create the effect of making good use of fragmented space.


If you are worried about the lack of storage capacity, or you need to place foldable clothes, you can use wall-mounted racks, or add low cabinets and storage boxes below to meet storage needs.

Considering the load-bearing capacity, wooden boards can also be used instead of metal partitions. The soul of this design lies in customization, combining modules one by one to realize the ideal home by hand.

3. Multifunctional Combination Wardrobe

In addition to storing clothes, open-frame wardrobes can also adopt a "composite" design concept, combined with house furniture such as table boards and small cabinets, to create a multi-functional storage cabinet, providing additional storage, reading, dressing functions, or transforming into a semi-open type cabinet to achieve the effect of partial concealment.


How to solve the dust problem?

The most worrying thing about open wardrobes is the problem of dust and dust. In areas with less dust problems, it is recommended to install a curtain outside the open wardrobe, which is economical and easy to install.

The curtains are rich in color and soft in texture, which can not only achieve a certain role in blocking dust, but also play a good decorative role. Compared with hard wooden doors, it can make the bedroom atmosphere softer and more comfortable!

In some areas, the problem of falling dust is relatively serious, so you can install lightweight folding doors, shutters, etc., and the problem will be solved easily. It can even add dust jackets to precious clothes for dustproof, and at the same time, it will not destroy the open feeling of space.


Notes on the design of frame wardrobes

Security and stability considerations

Wall-mounted frame wardrobes need to consider the load-bearing capacity of the wall. They can be directly nailed to red brick walls and cement walls, but plaster walls, wooden walls, and light-weight bricks cannot be used.

Floor-to-ceiling frame wardrobes need to be fixed to the ceiling or framed to the wall to ensure their stability.

The shelves on the hangers usually rely on "brackets" to bear the weight, so please pay special attention. If the distance between the two brackets exceeds 80 cm, it is recommended to install additional brackets, and the shelves are preferably made of solid wood. Avoid collapse.

In addition, it is recommended to use stainless steel screws, which have strong nail-holding ability, high load-bearing and durability.


Size and height planned in advance

Be sure to accurately measure the size of your home before designing to avoid wasting space.

No matter what kind of wardrobe style, you must pay attention to the height problem to avoid difficult access; in principle, if the wardrobe is exclusively for women or shared by men and women, it is recommended that the height of the upper hanger should be moderately reduced.

Secondly, when choosing shelves, mesh baskets or chests of drawers, the height and width of the items used should be used as the basis for purchase.

Shelf quality and non-toxicity

In addition to paying attention to brackets and screws, the material of the shelf is also very important for the load-bearing capacity of the hanger! If you use wooden shelves, it is recommended to choose solid wood boards, which are better than MDF and particleboard. As for the thickness of the shelves, it is about 18mm.

In addition, the board must be non-toxic and non-polluting. If the board is not properly selected, it will not only affect the service life of the cabinet, but also cause pollutants such as formaldehyde to exceed the standard, bad for the health of the occupants.

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