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How to avoid over design in the decoration of a new house


Renovating a new house is exciting. Many people have put a lot of effort into it, but many times they are just into it, but don’t know what the problem is, and they do a lot of excessive decoration and put in too much energy and money, but the final effect is unsatisfactory, resulting in waste. And there will still be problems in the living. Today we are going to talk about the over-design of the new house decoration.


1. Mirror design

When decorating the space, many people will adopt some mirror designs to make the space look more beautiful and larger, but an unreasonable and inappropriate use of mirror will have various refractions, and the visual feeling will be chaotic. If there are too many mirrors and glass ornaments, there will be inevitably some bumps that are not safe. Therefore, when decorating a new family house, you should pay attention to the mirror design and not to use too much to them, and just make the total number appropriate.

2. Ceiling and chandeliers

As for the ceiling, if the budget is sufficient and the space size is appropriate, it can be designed to be more luxurious. If the overall feeling of the space is general while the ceiling is too luxurious, the height will also give people a feeling of depression. As for the lamps, though more brightness is surely important, some overly gorgeous lamps and lanterns may have the problem that the follow-up cleaning will be a big problem, and the dust accumulation of fancy lamps is a headache. It is recommended to choose lamps and lanterns that are pretty and easy to clean.

3. Lighting design

Before the renovation of the new house, people all want to have a gorgeous lighting effect and create a good atmosphere. Therefore, many house owners will design some light strips or spotlights. It may look very novel and beautiful in the early stage, but some time later it can be kind of unremarkable. Moreover, the design of too much light will be rather cumbersome and easily disturb the line of sight. Therefore, if you want to avoid over-decoration, you should design a main lamp, and three or two lamps are enough to go along with it. Don't decorate it for decoration.

4. Bathtub

In the design of the bathroom, when there is enough space, many owners will have a bathtub installed; like a jacuzzi, it is also the choice of many owners, but after moving in, there are very few times when they actually use it, and its space occupied is still relatively large, with some places easy to have dirt, whose cleaning is a big problem.

5. TV background wall

The cost of a TV background wall is also relatively high, and the shape is more complex with amazing and natural effect. Over time, a too complex TV background wall is prone to visual fatigue, so the design of the background wall should be simple and appropriate. You do not have to pursue too much fancy, because it is excessive and unnecessary.


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