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How to arrange sofa in a small apartment room?


With housing prices so high, people really have a headache when choosing one. Then the emergence of small units basically meets the requirements of most people for houses. The size of a small apartment also determines that the placement of furniture will have certain restrictions. As an important piece of furniture for daily living, rest, chatting, drinking tea and meeting guests, the sofa is very important in its selection and location. Let the editor tell you about the sofa and placement that are suitable for a small apartment.


A. Choice of sofa

1. The folding sofa bed

I guess this should be the first choice for many small-sized families. It can be used as a sofa or as a bed when needed, especially when there are not enough rooms and some guests coming, this sofa can also solve the urgent problem. Although it is not as comfortable as a bed, there are now more and more styles of folding sofas, which should be the most space-saving sofas in small apartments.


2. Combination sofa bed

Combination sofas are also the first choice for small apartments. Because we can place them at will according to the size of the living room, and also combine different styles at different times, giving the owner a fresh feeling. Moreover, the sofa has thin feet, which will not appear bulky, giving people a sense of lightness.

3. Small sofa

Due to space constraints, small sofas are also favored by small apartment owners. They look relatively small and have low design without armrests. When choosing one o them, try to get a sofa with an arc shape, as this kind of small sofa is not like an angular one, which will give people a feeling of the space being divided. This can lead to clutter in a small space.


B. How to place them

Due to the limitation of space, the sofa in the living room cannot occupy too much space, and its purchase should also be based on the actual situation of your living room. Depending on the location and size of the room, the placement will vary.

1. Simple type

A coffee table in front of a sofa is suitable for space layout with conversation as the main function. Adding a living room cabinet next to the sofa will make the most of the space.

2. Free type

If there are children at home, you can consider this, which is to place the sofa at will. In order to free up more space for the children to play and increase the game space, this placement idea is the best.


3. Concentrated type

Put the sofa in the middle of the living room, with the TV in front and a small bookshelf in the back.

4. Along the wall

This arrangement is also more space-saving and can increase the range of activities. Generally, small units choose this space-saving method.


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