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How do you decorate a small apartment?


The tricky problem of a small apartment is nothing more than how to make the apartment look bigger, beautiful and bright! Create a limited space with complete functions and good appearance?

Here are 5 small apartment decoration ideas for everyone to apply to the actual new house decoration or old house renovation.

Life can be simple, but home must not be just so-so, because the most comfortable place in the world should be home.

1. Use the white color to create a "big" view


In the case: the roof, walls, and floor are painted white, and the windows and curtains are also white to create a sense of visually open space, and embellished with green plants, light-colored sofa carpet, white/log-colored/light-gray ornaments, the crowded living room instantly becomes spacious and vibrant.

Idea: It is also very suitable for the self-occupied house, but if there are children and elderly at home, remember that white is not resistant to dirt, so you can also choose warm colors with lighter colors, roofs, walls, floors, windows and curtains. The difference should not be too obvious, not too fancy, in order to achieve the effect of visual extension and enlargement of the space. If the colors are consistent, the “maximization" in the case can be achieved with the best effect.

Special case: A beautiful, bright and dirt-resistant solution - multiple windows (to create a wider view), the wall and the roof are integrated (three-dimensional coherence of space), and go direct into the ground (to highlight the style, while soft furnishings can be used to echo the color of the floor later).

2. Not waste even an inch

Case: Smart use of the attic structure. For example, the triangular area can be made into a bedroom. Can't fit an existing cabinet in the corner? Then customize one. The bathroom is already crowded enough, and it feels inappropriate to add the washing machine? Find a carpenter to build a cabinet and leave room for the washing machine, which not only makes space for the washing machine, but also increases the storage. With minimalist style, the log cabinets and white cabinets in the picture are built in the corridor, making full use of the space smartly and looking good without being messy. The ladder is the highlight, which I personally like very much. The sliding door wardrobe the furniture that frees the space. Although it has the defect of dust accumulation, the sliding door of solid wood will be much better.

Idea: Despite the constraints of the house structure, every corner should be fully utilized. After all, in a room of only dozens of square meters, an inch of space is an ounce of gold. For some spaces that seem to be difficult to utilize, do not demolish or remodel unless necessary. The money saved can be used to hire a carpenter to make a customized storage .

3. Proper contrast enhances and highlights the style


Case: The decoration of the black cabinet door and the black toilet seat not only adjusts the "conformity" of white, highlights with the style characteristics, but also makes the overall style a new higher level. Simple Nordic style, with brightly colored ornaments, dark sofas, is great to highlight the style.

Idea: Because of its small size, the overall style cannot be ignored. But it must not be too complicated and messy with soft decoration. Changes can be made on the body of the large piece of furniture to achieve a simple and space-saving effect.

4. Add some creativity to make "flavor"

Case: The white color of the kitchen is a bit boring? Then try a bit of personality, cool "rough bricks", with a little uninhibited taste in the whole, without the feeling of "no matching" at all. The dining table and chairs are made of wood, which can't be more harmonious with white.

Idea: Give yourself a small space for creativity. It doesn't have to be floor space, and just try it on the wall or on the roof.

5. The wall is too obstructive, replace it with a partition


Case: Looking at it, the white element is integrated, and soft colored decoration or green plants are used to create a broad vision. Note that you can also install a few more lights, not only beautiful to achieve the purpose of decoration, but also to enlarge the pattern through lighting. It's not enough, not big enough! If you want to make the room layout more spacious to divide the space, use partitions instead of walls, while the function and appearance are the same!

Idea: This solution is suitable for families with a small population and it is best to live with no children. Demolition of the non-load-bearing walls will release an incredible amount of space.


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