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7 small practical storage solutions


The storage of small units has always been a problem. The floor space is limited and too many storage cabinets are placed in the room, which makes the home appear crowded. Today, the editor will recommend a few storage tools that do not take up the ground. We get for space from the wall.

1. Multifunctional toothbrush rack

Do you also have a washbasin with messy items on it, and where your toothbrush and toothbrush is placed at will? Then you really need this multifunctional toothbrush holder, which is easy to install, sticky, and requires no hole punching. Although the shelf looks small, it is very useful. You can put skin care products on it, a toothbrush cup below, and toothpaste next to it, and it can be squeezed automatically. The racks are designed with separate compartments. Each functional area is designed so that no scale will accumulate. It also provides you with a comfortable washing space. You deserve this kind of great technology.


2. Storage hook

This is a creative home item. Maybe when your home was being renovated, a hook for hanging towels and bath towels was created, but sometimes it is not enough, so you need it. Its two ends use strong cup-type suction to stick to the wall, which can be stretched to any length you want. You can use it in sanitary napkins or in the kitchen, or can hang towels or rags, which are good choices.


3. Waterproof carton

There will inevitably be water in the bathroom. Sometimes a roll of toilet paper that has just been unpacked may be destroyed because of carelessness. You can try this multifunctional waterproof box. It has two shapes, square and rectangular, suitable for rolling paper. The top of the box can be placed on the phone, so you don't have to worry about the phone running out of place when you go to the toilet. Also, this box does not need to be punched, because it is plastic, so don't worry about rusting. With this tool, you will no longer have to worry about your paper rolls getting wet and the phone nowhere to go. Of course, you can also use it in the kitchen, and choose from a variety of models, so that you will not miss your favorite tv series while cooking.


4. Perforated free Soap Shelf

Soap is an essential item in daily life, but how to use it so that your soap will not rot on the surface due to water? This good gadget is here to help you solve the problem. It is also a  shelf, there are different models, and the small one can hold a soap; the large one can hold cosmetics and other items. There are many types of shelves, but you need to choose the right type and model to give home a new look. It is designed with a suction cup, so it does not need to be punched. It is easy to install when you want to use it, and you can take it off when you don't want to. You can use this small item in the bathroom to put toiletries and cosmetics, or in the kitchen to store pots and dishes. The load capacity is also very good, and the quality is the advantage.


5. Rotary Towel Rack

There is no place to put towels in the bathroom, because you haven't found this good rack . With this good item, you can easily store towels and liberate your bathroom. The fixed end is designed with a suction cup, and the end of the towel is made of stainless steel. The suction cup design does not punch holes and does not damage the wall, which is more convenient to install. The high-quality materials are still guaranteed, and for the stainless steel material you have no worries about rusting. The rotating design does not take up much space. Fitting most walls, the wall-mounted hook has a longer-lasting load-bearing capacity. The swivel bracket is also optional, and you can have as many brackets as you want.


6.  Wall Mounted push-type Shampoo box

This good tool is simply the savior of lazy people. It is a good item created by imitating the design of the pressing shampoo in the hotel, suitable for families with children and the elderly and more convenient to use. Shampoo, hand sanitizer and shower gel can be put in it, which is more convenient for people to clean and use. Installation is also very simple, just use glue. The ABS engineering plastic is used. Its surface is made of glass material, so you can clearly see what is inside. The shell material used in the product has good impact strength and high rigidity. It has a separate liquid nozzle, the liquid discharge is accurate, and there is no leakage. The button below is a high-quality pump head, a simple system structure, reusable and very cost-effective.


7. Waterproof bathroom curtain

Some families do not have glass partitions installed in the bathroom, but want the separation of dry and wet, so using this bathroom curtain is just great. The curtain plus the shower curtain rod and the water retaining strip are a combined set with embedded magnetic strips, which are windproof and cost-effective. The height of the shower curtain can be adjusted according to the height you want, and you can choose from various colors and styles. The anti-rust shower curtain rod is easy to install without drilling. It is a waterproof and mildew-proof magnetic shower curtain, with solid silicone soft magnetic water retaining strip, durable and does not hurt the skin. One piece can meet your needs, and the shower curtain is delicate. The built-in thickened and widened soft magnetic strip has strong magnetic force, and can be freely cut according to your needs. The strong viscose can be installed by just tearing it apart, and it is easy to clean just withe a wipe. Come and get one to try, what are you waiting for?


With so many good items mentioned above, which one of them are you interested in? These good products are briefly recommended to save you the trouble and we hope they can bring you some convenience.


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